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Electronic scales and parts counting systems


A simple system of counting pieces of the same mass, in which all MENSOR company scales are equipped. It is based on introducing the memory test mass counted elements such as: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500. After memorizing ofmass batches of items the scale display shows the number of elements located on the pan.

In this system, the maximum counting accuracy is achieved by optimal selection of the measuring range and increasing the number of items placed before the operation of counting. An increase in trial number of items increases the accuracy of counting.


Radically increase of the accuracy of counting and reducing the size of trial batches of items placed on the scale memory is achieved by using two scales coupled with each other (small scales can be mounted on a common basis). One of these scales with a smaller capacity is used to accurately weigh a sample batch of counting elements and the introduction of this value to a large scale memory, on which the counting elements are put. .

For example, the following figure shows two coupled together scales: WM2, Max = 2kg, d = 0.1 g and WM150P1, Max = 150kg d = 50g, the first one WM2 is used to accurately weigh of trial batches of items. In this case, we generally put on a little scale, some elements to obtain high counting accuracy. Particularly useful is the present system of counting in the following cases:                      

large batches of counted elements
frequently changing assortment
large unit weight calculated items (difficulty in calculatd of a trial batch)
high demands of accurate counting

Counting system with two scales

For the construction of mention system of counting elements of equal weight can be used any of two MENSOR scales with measurement ranges from Max = 20g, d = 1mg to Max = 200kg d = 10g coupled by a computer.

3. If you need to record the results of counting or the requirements of a more complex control system the weighting function of counting can be implemented in a computer program, which must be applied here because of the control algorithm. Just as in Section 2 there are also here two scales and they are coupled with each other using a computer program.

An additional benefit is here possibility of displaying a colourful a computer screen, visible from a distance..

Computerized counting system with two scales

Computerized counting system of two scales is based on the U.S. software company Advantech, which generally is used for control systems.. Complementing the above software input and output components manufactured by Advantech enable to create complex control algorithms.


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