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Electronic Platform and Storage Scales

Electronic platform scales, measurement inductive system particularly suitable for use in industrial environments due to its high resistance to mechanical overload, see introduction. These scales with ranges from 3 kg to 400 kg have the Certificate of EC type-approval No PL 003 2006 Central Office of Measures in Warsaw and on request a copy of each scales can be equipped with an EC type Examination certificate type WE (legalization) issued by the County Office of Weights and Measures in Warsaw.

Depending on the application of these scales the display unit can be variously located:

  • connected to the base scale, an indication of P2
  • mounted on a pole, the designation P3
  • combined with the scale of two-meter cable, an indication of P1

Storage of electronic weighing platforms are made of stainless steel or can be lined with a special wear-resistant lining.


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