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Scales for weighing animals - Veterinary


The MENSOR company has a large assortment of scales for weighing small animals, lifting capacities ranging from 15 kg to 400 kg. Moreover we have a good filter for damping movements of the animal.

For weighing small animals we can use the scale WE15P2 or scale WM30P1 40x50G weighing platform lined with grooved rubber.

Good metrological properties of inductive measurement beams described in the preliminary permit to design a large veterinary weighing platform - WM150P1 50x90G grooved rubber-lined or stainless steel. This scale with the larger platform WM150P1 50x110GA is designed for weighing pigs

Waga inwetarzowa

Particularly successful design has the scale of structure based on the two measuring beams: WM300P1 65x180G and WM400P2 65x180G (frame) used for weighing calves or pigs, it has a good metrological properties and a small mistake not to axial load. These scales can be fitted with a cage connected to the base or the weighing platform. Besides of the frame structure allows for a flexible change of its dimensions according to their size of weighted animal. The present structure is easily removable for cleaning weighing platform.

Above described scales may have a Certificate of Conformity WE (legalization) 



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