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Electronic weighing platform, table scales

Electronic platform and table scales are similar to storage scales, except small ranges from 150 g to 3 kg, WM015P2 15x17 to WM3P2. 15x17. The digit signs after symbol WM iinforms about maximum load weight, the letter P2 informs about the location of the display assembly. In this case it is connected with the base, while the numbers 15x17 indicate the dimensions of the pan in cm.

Above described scales have the same electronics system and the same display, hence the number of displayed is set to 3000. If you need a higher resolution, connect your computer with a program that lets you to get ten times of the resolution on the monitor of any amount of digits. Manual of the scale is controlled by the keyboard and the mouse of your computer.

Electronic platform and table scale, can not compete in terms of resolution with the weighting system based on the permanent magnet actuators but they have a lot of other advantages for example resistance to mechanical overload and are suitable to use in industrial conditions, see introduction.


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